Born to build to last.

Cast Iron Coding was founded in 2003 to take on challenging web projects. We sweat the details, building our products and applications to be rock-solid. But we know that technology moves fast, so our work is flexible and adaptive. It’s an approach that requires deep experience, good judgment and committed developers.

Get to know us.

You won’t find a more pleasant, skilled team than the developers at Cast Iron. We place great value on learning, knowledge sharing, and cooperation. We work hard to foster a friendly, focused work environment. And all Cast Iron employees share a common commitment to the craft of web development.

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Zach Davis

Chief Technologist

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Lucas Thurston

Senior Web Developer

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Gabe Blair

Senior Web Developer

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Clark Burns

Dev-Ops Specialist

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Naomi Rubin

Lead Frontend Developer

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Lael Tyler

Creative Director

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Jon Schafer

Art Director

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Blake Mason

Frontend Developer

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Kyle Pratuch

CMS Integrator


How we do it.

Every client and every project is unique, but we’ve learned a thing or two about best practices, and there’s a repeatable, foundational process that we follow.


During discovery, we spend a lot of time listening to our clients—this is the part where you tell us everything there is to know about your project and your business. From these explorations, we can make careful recommendations about what to build and how to build it.

Continuous Agility

We develop with agility—we’re constantly evaluating, adjusting and re-evaluating our approaches in order to achieve greater efficiency and quality. To maintain this high degree of agility, we rely on continuous integration and automated build, testing, and deployment mechanisms.

Responsive First

Responsive design is here to stay, and we’ve embraced it. Our mobile-first approach pushes the design team and the client to identify the essential parts of a site or application. This focus drives the project, ensuring that the user will have a clean, functional and usable experience, no matter what kind of device they’re using.

Intelligent Software

Our agile approach acknowledges that the software we build will change and grow alongside the problems it aims to solve. When we write code, we’re committing to support and maintain that code as long as necessary, so it’s essential that our solutions are well-engineered, scalable, and flexible.

The Frontend

We take front end development very seriously at Cast Iron. This is the part of the site or application that the user will interact with, and the little things matter. We sweat the details, and do painstaking work to make sure that the UI is snappy, intuitive and stable.

Client Communication

Clients are experts when it comes to their business, so we encourage developers and clients to meet regularly to share information and reduce misunderstandings. This approach requires a unique type of developer, one who is able to write well and communicate clearly, and navigate each client’s unique organizational challenges.

Wanna be starting something?

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