Meet the Team: Zach Davis

Founder, Managing Director

Zach Davis is the co-founder and majority partner at Cast Iron Coding. As the Managing Director, Zach is closely involved in every project that the company works on. While he currently spends most of his time at CIC managing day-to-day operations and business development, Zach is also a skilled front-end and back-end web developer. Zach has experience working on small, medium, and large-scale web development projects, and is just as comfortable writing object-oriented PHP code as he is writing proposals for prospective clients or papers for an academic conference.

After receiving a BA with a double major in English and Italian from the University of Oregon, Zach moved to New York City for graduate school. While working on his Ph.D in the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center's English program (a highly ranked English program), Zach taught composition and literature courses at Baruch College and Queens College. Zach was an early adopter of technology in the classroom, and grew increasingly interested in instructional technology and pedagogy. In 2004, Zach was appointed the Central Technology Fellow at the newly formed CUNY Honors College. In this role, Zach worked with faculty and other graduate students to promote pedagogically sound uses of technology in the classroom. During this period, Zach spearheaded the creation of an intranet platform for the Honors College, which was his first TYPO3 project. While at CUNY, Zach was also involved in other tech projects, such as the CUNY Distributed Learning Network, a web-based directory of online courses.

In 2005, Zach found himself growing more interested in technology and the possibilities for innovation that the web offered. While writing his doctoral dissertation on John Milton and 17th-century pedagogy, Zach founded Cast Iron Coding with Lucas Thurston in order to pursue his technical interests. As the demand for Cast Iron Coding's services increased, Zach moved to Portland in order to open a new office for CIC. In his six years at Cast Iron Coding, Zach has been involved in nearly every one of the company's many projects. These days, Zach is responsible for nearly all of the sales and business aspects of Cast Iron Coding's operations, and will often also do development work on more demanding projects. At Cast Iron Coding, Zach has managed projects with six-figure budgets and has been responsible for all stages of the web development process.

Zach remains professionally engaged in English, Educational Technology, and Web Development. In the past couple years, Zach has presented a paper on John Milton's poetry at the annual Renaissance Studies of America Conference, participated on a panel covering CIC-developed tools for student assessment at the annual Students and Writing Conference at UC Davis, as well as delivered talks at the US TYPO3 Conference in Dallas. Zach's background in the humanities and his academic work on teaching, writing, and communication coupled with his deep understanding of modern web technologies uniquely positions him to help CIC's projects succeed.

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