Born to build to last.

Cast Iron Coding, founded in 2003, is a web-development agency in Portland, Oregon. Our flexible, adaptive approach is informed by deep experience, good judgment, and a commitment to sweating the details.

Get to know us.

Our clients stick with us because they love working with our team. We're thoughtful, careful communicators who welcome a challenge.

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Zach Davis

Chief Technologist


Lucas Thurston

Senior Web Developer


Clark Burns

Dev-Ops Specialist


Lael Tyler

Creative Director


Alexa Grey

Senior Web Developer


Kyle Pratuch

CMS Integrator


Max Ono

Web Developer


Dana Johnson

Frontend Developer


Molly Jean Bennett

Junior Frontend Developer


How we do it.

Process matters. Our process has grown out of fifteen years of delivering succesful projects for our clients.

1. Discovery

During discovery, we spend a lot of time listening to our clients. this is the part where you tell us everything there is to know about your project and your business goals. From these explorations, we can make careful recommendations about what to build and how to build it.

2. User Experience Design

We begin our projects with a thorough UX design phase, because everything we build, we build for users. Building on the discovery phase, we explore design opportunity and brainstorm elegant interactions. We begin this phase with low-fidelity, divergent concepts, and end with final wireframes for all key views.

3. Visual Design

Departing from the UX design deliverables, we move into visual design. We begin with a divergent set of design directions, and hone in on a final aesthetic concept through multiple rounds of design. Once the design direction is clear, production design begins, and we produce final comps of key screens at supported screen sizes.

4. DevOps

We are deeply committed to delivering sustainable solutions for our clients that continue to deliver value over time. To ensure operational stability, we apply a DevOps component to every project and deliver reproducible, automated processes around infrastructure management, testing, and deployment. In many cases, we propose cloud architecture to reduce overall infrastrucutre costs.

5. Development

All development at Cast Iron Coding is performed by in-house, full-time developers. Our team specializes in Ruby, Javascript, and PHP. During development, we utilize tests, linting strategies, code reviews, pair programming, and continuous integration to ensure code quality. We organize development into two-week sprints, preceeded by a client check-in to review progress and set priorities.

6. Quality Assurance

Software is complex. Proper quality assurance and testing is an essential part of delivering high-quality solutions. We rely on a combination of unit testing, acceptance testing, and manual review to identify defects. All projects are checked carefully in supported browsers prior to launch by our internal QA team, and clients are given time to perform their own acceptance testing.

7. The Long Haul

After launch, we stick with our clients for the long haul. We have projects that we've supported for 10-15 years, through multiple rounds of redesign and improvement. Because we continue to support what we've built, we're strongly incentivized to build it right, and to build it to last.

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