Manifold Scholarship

Manifold is the result of a three-year long collaboration between two public universities and Cast Iron Coding. Manifold is designed to provide a solid, robust publishing platform that is easy to install and use. It's open source, and funded by two $750k+ grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Cast Iron Coding has been intensely involved at all phases from grant-writing through design and development. We couldn't be prouder of our work on Manifold.

Built for Readers

Manifold was built to help scholars share their work, including works in progress. It was built to help lower the cost of online publishing of scholarly monographs. It was built so publishers could augment print works with rich media. Above all, it was built to provide a pleasant reading experience that promoted interaction between the reader and the text.

Marketing and Promotion

Cast Iron created the Manifold brand, built the promotional site, and developed collateral for our partners to share. Senior team members routinely go to conferences and industry meetings to spread the word about Manifold.

Built for Publishers

Manifold ships with a user-friendly backend. Publishers can ingest texts from a variety of formats: EPUB, Google Doc, Markdown, HTML, and more. We built this platform from scratch on React and Rails, and it's backed by a number of current web technologies.

Manifold Scholarship