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Photo of the Cast Iron Coding sign outside the office.

Who We Are

Cast Iron Coding is a web development firm in Portland, Oregon. We create web applications (and sites) for clients that spread knowledge and contribute to the common good.

We often work with universities, arts institutions, foundations, state governments, and other nonprofits. We also sometimes work with for-profit, values-aligned companies, especially when the project will give us the opportunity to advance our skills.

Our clients tackle important problems, and we work hard to elevate the design and build quality on their projects. We are driven by contributing to something bigger than ourselves.

I like that management expects and trusts us to be professionals. We get plainly stated feedback, delivered carefully. I'm treated like I'm an entire human being, and I know I'll be supported if there's something in my life that could temporarily disrupt work.

Portrait of Kyle.
KyleAssociate Backend Developer

Founded in 2005, we’re currently a team of 14, which includes developers, designers, account managers, and project managers. We’re entering a growth period, and are hiring talented people who are excited about the sort of work we do.

We offer our team autonomy and a respectful, transparent, and humanist management style. In return, we hold the team to high standards of integrity, collaboration, craft, and personal accountability.

What We Care About

As craftspeople, we care deeply about the quality of our work. We expect our design to be honest, ethical, clever, user-centric and joyous.

We listen carefully to our clients, but we’re not afraid to push them to bring their best effort to their projects. We resist and address head-on any constraints—unreasonable deadlines, poorly articulated requirements, insufficient resources—that prevent us from doing our best work.

Our humanistic approach means we attend to users by paying particular attention to accessibility and user experience. We continuously learn and adopt new technologies, and enjoy working on the ever-changing and growing web.

When I applied, I was burnt out. I needed a place where I could have a good work/life balance and work on projects that weren’t so profit driven. Cast Iron helped me remember why I like development in the first place.

Portrait of Jen.
JenSenior Frontend Developer

At Cast Iron, we seek profit for human ends, rather than for its own sake.

In practice, that means we take work-life balance seriously and believe that maximizing employee well-being also maximizes productivity. We treat employees with respect and dignity, and provide choices about where and how our employees work. We care about employee growth, and offer professional development, advancement opportunities, regular goal setting, and mentoring to support that growth.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we cultivate a culture of trust and collaboration by supporting each other as we learn new skills, tackle new challenges, and grow as individuals.

We take a lot of pride in what we do. Our work is always high quality, and our clients love working with us.

Portrait of Dana.
DanaFrontend Team Lead
Photo of the office lounge area, plants, and Ida, the office golden retriever.
Photo of the large windows surrounding the office.
Photo of the office desks and dining area.
Two figures talking inside the spacious office.

Open Positions

  • Ruby Developer

    Full time. On-site or remote. OR or WA residents preferred. Posted March 1st, 2024.

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