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We make outstanding, user-focused software for exceptional, mission-driven clients.

Cast Iron Coding has been designing, developing, and maintaining websites, applications, and APIs since 2005. Our team is skilled, driven, and hungry for new challenges, which is why we’re always in pursuit of smart, passionate clients looking to build something ambitious and unique.


We solve unique, complex problems for our clients—the kind that can’t be answered with off-the-shelf software.

  • Websites

    • Large, content-rich, CMS-driven websites
    • Small, beautiful, interactive brochure websites
    • E-commerce websites
  • Web Applications

    • Customer-facing web applications
    • Internal, operational web applications
    • Open-source, grant-funded web applications
    • Business intelligence dashboards
  • Services and APIs

    • Data integration and transformation services
    • Digital publishing pipelines and infrastructure
    • E-commerce product, order, and fulfillment services
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We offer a range of services to take you from idea to completed project.

  • Strategy

    We’re trained to quickly understand our clients’ specific challenges and offer creative, strategic solutions.

  • Planning

    We will help you articulate, scope, estimate, and plan your project. We’ll walk you through architecture, platform, and technology decisions and help you understand risks and benefits.

  • Design

    We prioritize and deliver user-focused, accessible UX design and elevate your project with stunning visual design.

  • Development

    We write quality code that grows with your project. You’ll be working with skilled, senior developers who have extensive experience across a wide range of projects.

  • Hosting

    We can put continuous integration pipelines in place and manage the hosting environment.

  • Support

    We partner with you to support, maintain, and grow your project over time. We’ll always be there when you need us.

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Our clients are passionate, mission-driven, and ambitious. If that sounds like you, lets talk.

  • Government and Non-Profit

    • Oregon Food Bank
    • San Francisco County Transportation - Authority
    • Washington State Employment Security - Division
    • USRowing
    • New York State
    • Healthshare of Oregon
  • Education

    • University of California
    • City University of New York
    • Pace University
    • University of Maryland
    • Virginia Tech
    • Emory University
    • Cornell University
    • The College of New Jersey
    • University of Rochester
    • University of Minnesota
    • University of Oregon
  • Research

    • California Digital Library
    • Dana Farber / Harvard Cancer Center
    • Rubin Observatory
    • The Marine Mammal Center
    • Modern Languages Association
  • Publishing

    • Verso
    • Educopia
    • University of Minnesota Press
    • University of Washington Press
    • Manifold Scholarship
  • Museums & Art

    • Palm Springs Art Museum
    • Philadelphia Museum of Art
    • The David Hockney Foundation
    • The Museum of Contemporary Art,
    • Los - Angeles
    • Hammer Museum
  • Foundations

    • Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
    • Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
    • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
    • Rita Allen Foundation
    • Carnegie Corporation of New York
  • Enterprise

    • IBM
    • QSC
    • Carnival
    • Siemens
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Our team is skilled in a wide range of popular web technologies.

  • Languages

    • Ruby
    • Python
    • PHP
    • Javascript
    • HTML
    • CSS
  • Frameworks

    • Ruby on Rails
    • Django
    • Laravel
    • Next.js
    • React
    • Vue
  • Infrastructure

    • Amazon Web Services
    • Google Cloud
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
    • Puppet
  • Data

    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • Elasticsearch
    • Analytics
    • Institutional Repositories
  • APIs

    • REST
    • GraphQL
  • Content Management Systems

    • Craft
    • October
    • Wordpress
    • TYPO3
    • Eleventy
    • Sanity
    • Contentful
    • Strapi
  • E-commerce

    • Shopify theme development
    • Shopify app development
    • Fulfillment integration
    • Inventory integration
  • CRMs

    • Salesforce
    • Hubspot
  • Techniques

    • Responsive design
    • Accessibility
    • Prototyping
    • Internationalization
    • Test-driven Development
    • Domain-driven Design
    • Style Guides
    • Design Systems
    • DevOps
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